Tuesday, 16 April 2013



   Hey everyone, so sorry again that it's been so long since Ive blogged. I promise to try and stay on top of my blog entries.

So what have I been up to over the past few months? Well let's go back to December. In case you don't know, I'm a huge Christmas freak!!!!!! In the past I have left my tree up all year and changed the decorations to fit the next upcoming holiday. Four leaf clovers for St.Patties day, pastel colored eggs for Easter, harts and red bulbs for valentines day, so on and so on.

   Each year I always look for a set of Christmas dishes that I like, but have yet to find a set that really thrills me. The other thing is a shower curtain set, I finally found a really cute reindeer shower curtain, bath mat, towels, and sop dispenser this year at JYSK. But they were sold out the first week they hit the shelves. The other thing I'm always on the hunt for is a Christmas bedding set. All I ever find are twin or queen size sets. Since I have a king size bed that doesn't help me.

   So I decided to get creative. Last Christmas Dan bought me a sewing machine. To be honest I was quite intimidated by it. It took me a long time to finally start using it, after watching every Youtube video on how to sew I finally gave it a go.

    I went downtown here in Hamilton to Ottawa St. If you don't know Hamilton Ottawa St is know as the textile capital here.

 Both sides of the streets are full of fabric shops competing with each other, so the prices are pretty good. Ottawa St is one of my favorite places in Hamilton. There's so many fabric shops you can get lost in a sea of fabric. In between all the different sewing shops are some very cute antique stores. I can't help myself, I always have to pop in to see what's new that week when I'm down there.

   Hamilton seems to take great pride in their textile street. Every where you look there's different touches of sewing accessories up and down the street.

 I found this really cute black material with little reindeer on it. The reindeer have big red noses, and silver sparkly antlers. Too cute!!! So I bought a bunch of this fabric and headed home to my sewing machine. After a few hours with the sewing machine and the seam ripper, this is the outcome...

        It's not perfect, but it works. And it looks so cute. It fits in with the black and white theme I have going in the bedroom and the red is just enough for a pop of color. The sparkly antlers really make it look awesome. I made two pillow cases to go with the duvet cover which came out ok as well. If I had to change anything, I would have spent the money on a long zipper instead of adding ribbons to close the duvet cover.

 Look out Martha! I have my seam ripper and I'm commin' for ya!

 Next week: How to get red wine out of a white carpet. It's a damn good thing.