Saturday, 25 February 2012


Hair, there, EveryHair!
Part One

   As many of you know I once went to hairdressing school.  I loved colouring my hair and always wanted to do something new with my hair. While I was at hairdressing school my hair looked like this…

It was shortly after my sister’s wedding and I loved the colours in my hair but I was getting bored of it. At the time the “IN” thing was to do the top of your hair dark and the underneath blond. That wasn’t for me, but I decided that I could keep the blond that was in my hair and turn the red into a dark brown/ blackish colour. I asked one of the girls who was in the class ahead of me. Knowing that she was only a few weeks from graduation she had to be able to fill this simple request.
This is how my hair came out. Yes that is green orange red purple and pretty much every other colour under the rainbow in there. Needless to say I purchased a hat on the way home and the next day my teacher at the school told me she damaged my hair so much that the only thing we would do was to dye it a dark colour and wait for my hair to get healthier again… That was rough!

  I have pretty much always had long hair. I’ve like the look of short hair but I felt being a bigger girl and having a short hair cut would make me look butch. I can remember when I was little taking my bath putting on my nightgown and sitting on the patio step while my mom trimmed my hair. Ahhh summer when you were a little kid, so amazing and magical!
 When I was in my teens, I went to the store and bought one of those at home colour bleaching kits. I sectioned off a 3 inch chuck of my hair on the bottom and put the bleach in. The idea was when I put my hair in a pony tail I could wrap the blond hair around the ponytail holder. Well I was in my teens and with my friends. We were restless and decided we would go for a quick walk and pick up some … hummm …. Medicinal marjaunia. Well when we got to where we were going we took our medication and got so stoned that I forgot all about the tinfoil in my hair surrounding the bleach. After our fun night out I woke up the next morning wondering why there was tin foil in my hair. It quickly hit me! I sprung up jumped over sleeping bodies on the floor and made a bee line for the bathroom mirror. I unwrapped the tin foil and paid. “Please God I will never smoke again if I still have my hair.” I pulled out the foil and so so lucky, I only pulled out a few strands of hair with it. My hair was still attached to my head. Very very blond and it felt like straw but it was still attached. I was so lucky!!!!

   You think I would have learned how precious my hair was after that incident. Even though I loved and protected my hair. My mom hasn’t always been my biggest hair fan. When I was younger and still living with my parents I was awaken to my mom yelling throughout the house. The yelling was getting louder as she neared my room. Finally the door flew open and she shouted ``I`m cleaning this house and I`ll be vacuuming in 5 minutes so if your S*it isn`t picked up off the floor I`m going to vacuumed it up and throw it out``.   I figured she was just being an upset mother who was sick of picking up after her family and getting no help, I assumed she would calm down so I went back to sleep. ( I know what a little bitch) Soon after I fell back asleep my bedroom door slammed open and in came my mother with her 1970 Sears powerhouse vacuum leading the way. As soon as I heard the power bar to the vacuumed clinging and clunking as it was trying to digest whatever it was my mom had just sucked up, I heard the hose clog and then that sound that you never want to hear, whoosh your possession being sucked though the hose and down into the… well whoever stuff goes when it gets sucked into the vacuumed.
After that I quickly jumped out of bed to save the rest of my stuff which I will admit, Almost everything I owned was on my bedroom floor. I was quickly grabbing things out of the way of the sears eater as my mom was almost smiling when she was about to suck something up then the smile disappeared  until she set her eye on the next item she could suck up. Then she said 6 little words. ``I’m Vacuuming under the bed too``. I quickly laid on the floor and reached for anything and everything I could under my bed while my mom rushed around my room to see what she could suck up. Then it happened…


   As i was laying on the floor reaching under my bed, my mother vacuumed over my hair with the beater bar and sucked up my hair. I started screaming which made my mother scream. The vacuum cleaner was making so much noise that neither of us could hear each other, my mother was yelling at me to pull my hair out and i was yelling at her to turn it off but none of that got across to the other. Finally my mom shut it off. She was laughing so hard so could barley ask if i was ok. Now my hair was one big mess all tangled up in the vacuum. I think we were both stunned and unsure how we were going to fix this problem. Once there was talk of cutting it out i began pulling and ripping my hair out of the vacuum cleaner. When I was done it looked as though I was getting ready for an 80s concert. It took forever to get all the knots out And I would like to say it taught me a lesson about keeping my crap picked up ... but it didn't.
I’m not sure why girls spend so much time in the 80s teasing their hair. Just get a vacuumed and a fed up house wife.

Bored with my hair again. What Do you think I should so with it. Don't forget I only have a few months left in my 20's :( so sad!!!!!!