Thursday, 8 November 2012


It's A Dogie Halloween

 I'm not sure if it was a sign from above but as I sat on the tv room floor surrounded by sequence, fabric and jewels I was watching an episode of modern family. It just so happened to be this episode that I was watching for the first time. You really need to watch this video clip to understand what it is I'm talking about. And it's Modern Family one of my favorite tv shows. So funny!!!!!

Modern Family Cam's Master Project

Pirate Costume

Yep, that's right, it's a dog costume. My master project was a dog costume.

World's best dog costume

I came across this pic of "two" dogs carrying a treasure chest.  I loved it!!!! I thought it was so unique and funny I just had to try and make one for my dog Gina. Luckily Gina is pretty good about being dressed up and lets me do pretty much whatever I want to her... poor dog. Once I decided to make this costume that was labeled as "Worlds best dog costume" I thought I would put a spin on it and make it my own. I had to try and improve "Worlds best dog costume". So I made the treasure chest light up and made the "second" pirate look like Gina.

Dog Pirate

   Since my sister didn't want help with making my nephews costumes because apparently Costco kids costumes are the best ... Whatever!!! I decided that I would make my dog a costume. My oldest nephew Max is really into pirates right now and since my plan was to go to London and trick or treat with the kids I thought that going with a pirate theme was a pretty safe bet. I was wrong, he went as a dinosaur. How cute would it have been to see Max as a pirate too taking Gina trick or treating with him. Max keeps asking his parents for a puppy for Christmas, so he has to learn to walk a dog sooner or later. And If you know Gina you know she is a gentle giant. She is the sweetest puppy ever I can't express what a great dog she is, Max wouldn't really need to "walk" her she would walk just by his side. Ahh it would have been so cute.

Boy's pirate bedroom

This is Max's Pirate bedroom... It's so cute I'm not sure where she got the bedding and stickers from but if you need to know email me and I'll ask her for the info. It's so cute, even better in real life. The picture doesn't do it justice.

   Back to the point, Gina was getting a costume and I was going to enter her in a few dogie costume contests and hopefully win some cash and prizes. Due to the rainy week some of the contests were canceled and  I was in bed with a migraine the weekend before Halloween so I couldn't take her to the other contests. Maybe next year. But here's some more pics of her costume...

Halloween dog costume

Halloween pirate costume for dogs

Two dogs carrying pirate chest

Halloween box costume

Hello :)

Light up pirate chest

Dog Treasure Chest

Pirate with parrot

Pirate Chest Jewels
Two dogs and treasure chest

Halloween pirate costume

hehe we were feeding her treats...Apparently they were lip smacking good

Weird 3 eyed dog picture...Can you spot the 3rd eye?

Gina's mug shot profile

 Ohhhh Gold 'n' Jewels... Gold.. Golden Pawn?! 1700 Dundas street London Ontario, Open 9-6 week days and 10-5 Saturdays Closed Sundays and all major holidays. Tell them Gina sent you!
Lite up treasure chest

Gina look alike

Stuffed pirate and treasure chest costume
That's it folks.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Halloween for the Kids

   In case you don't know I am a huge Christmas freak!!! Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!!! So when the leafs start falling the air gets crisp and everywhere you go smells like cinnamon and pumpkin, I know it's almost time to open the door to my Christmas storage room. I was born in October so maybe that's why I love fall so much or maybe because it's when I start getting really excited about Christmas but either way it's when I drag out my big orange and black totes and start decorating the house. This year was no exception. I decked the halls with skulls and witch hats, gory blood filled items and of course my black feathered Halloween wreath. 

Dinning Room Halloween

Blood and Brains

Platter Of Bloody Body Parts

Halloween Dining Room Table

Halloween decorations

Halloween Staircase ... Sorry it's blury

Halloween Stairs

Halloween Front Table

This is what the dogs did while I decorated

Halloween Skulls Bookshelf
Halloween Table



   This year I was so excited for my nephew Max to go trick or treating I feel like this is the first year where he really gets the concept of trick or treating. Although if you sit down and really think about it, trick or treating it is a little odd. We dress our children in costumes parade them up and down the streets caring the oldest yuckiest pillowcase your mom could pull from the back of the linen closet and encourages you to knock on strangers doors and beg for free food. 

    I asked my sister over and over again what my nephews were going to be for Halloween, have they decided yet? why as their mother have you not stepped in and decided for them it's almost September?! And over and over again I got the same answer... "I don't know what they're going to be yet." Finally I took matters into my own hands (Well as much as I could from far away) and started looking up cute costumes and sending her the links. Then I would call her at work to make sure she checked her email, and after she had I would call her back to see what her thoughts on that costume were.

Up Costume

Up Movie Halloween Costume...TOO CUTE

Up Costume

     I thought it would have been so cute for my dad or their dad to get dressed up with them and go out as the old man and boy or boyS in this case, from the cartoon movie Up. But that wasn't a good idea for some reason. I even offered to make them their costumes. Being house bound and childless sometimes has it's downfalls and I look for projects to take on. But since my sister decided she didn't need me to help her the boys went out as the same thing they did last year. A dinosaur for Max and a chicken for Anthony. Although the cutest dinosaur and chicken ever.

Sorry I can't find a pic of Anthony as chicken.


Sadly it was raining this year so the boys had to settle for going to the mall to do their trick or treating. Hopefully Cassandra will up load some pics from this years Halloween soon. 

   Even though I didn't really get dressed up this year and left my post at the front door handing out candy to go shopping ... I highly recommend shopping on Halloween night ... the stores were EMPTY it was great! So even though I didn't dress up this year I do have to mention the best male and female costume of the year. This is my childhood friend Johanna and her Boyfriend. The minute I saw his costume I had to email a pic to my parents with the title ... BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME EVER!!! Here's his pic...

Best Costume Ever

Not sure who he is?? What if I give you this clue..."The shitter was full"

***See bottom for answer if you haven't figured it out yet...Also GO RENT CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!***


 This is Johanna on Halloween, pretty easy to figure she went out as Rosie the riveter, I love her costume, classic beautiful and spot on. These two totally win best costumes this year from me. Maybe next year I'll have a blog sponsor and can have some nifty gift bags to give out. 


***Cousin Eddie From Christmas Vacation*** Go watch Christmas Vacation



   Oh so much to talk about I don't even know where to start...

First thank you to everyone who reads my blog and supports me, I love that so many of you check daily for new posts and pass the link onto family and friends to read. When I first started writing my blog last year I was lucky if I got 4 or 5 readers a day, I'm so happy to tell you that I have had 160 readers a day stop by my little blog when I was updating daily. I have also gained quite the following from Columbia and Azerbaijan as well as Canada and the U.S So hello to all my ffirnds family and readers from around the world.

   When I first started this blog it was to share my life's stories with you. To tell you the new and exciting thing that i did that week and to see if my blog would get more hits in a day then my sisters. 
My Sister's blog address...
Though lets be honest it was totally obvious who was going to win that one. HA Cassandra's blog Vs mine. Come on like that's even a challenge... My blog is about ME, and her blog is about her kids. 
It was obvious that Cassandra was going to win, who wouldn't want to log on daily and check out how friggen cute those babies are.

   Back to the point. My goal for my blog was to TRY 52 New things a year. Well being that I'm on bed rest most of the year I'm not sure what I was thinking. It was a pretty ambitious goal for someone who hardly made it out of bed for the month of November 2011. So I gave it some thought and came up with the idea that I would blog 52 times a year. Therefore my title of 52 Things A Year would still be true. I would blog about 52 things a year. But again pretty ambitious for someone who basically lives in a bedroom afraid of sunlight and loud noises. (No I'm not a agoraphobic in case your just tuning in, I have severe TMJD so I constantly have migraines and cluster headaches and a number of other issues all from the TMJ problem.) Hopefully we make it to 52 things this year. A friend of mine made it her goal this year to have my blog stories published. And eventhough it may have been said after consuming a few drinks, this person truly is amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if you all receive a first edition signed copy of my life's story next year for Christmas. (No don't worry that's not all I will get you.)

   When I took my little break from blogging I expected to be back and writing within a few days but that turned into weeks and before I realized, it had been months. But I'm back now and starting season 2 of 52 Things A Year. Hopefully it will be an interesting year filled with lots of new experiences, people, places and firsts. I hope that you all enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. Here's to another great year, filled with health, love and laughs.


   I should let you know i have labeled this years blogs a little different. This blog is numbered 1-2013. 1 is the number of the post and 2013 is because this years posts are going to be mainly in the year 2013. So the first number will go up to 52 and the second number 2013 will always stay the same for year two.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I'll Be Back

Hello everyone, I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged lately. Be sad no longer I will be starting to blog again this month. I have a lot to write about, new and fun things, what's been going on in my life, some sad moments but over all some great posts to share with you all. :) Can't wait to connect with everyone again very soon.

Miss you all
-Ashley Bugsy.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012



   I love taking my dogs hiking in the woods near my house when i feel well. I think it's safe to say we all have a great time. In Hamilton there is somewhere around  126 different waterfalls that you can hike to, and they are just breath taking.

   Last time I took Gina and Capone hiking we were lucky enough or unlucky I should say, to see lots of wild animals. I must admit my dogs are great but when it comes to chasing wild animals, nothing I can say will stop them from trying.

   After Gina was attacked by a greyhound at the dog park she has become a little aggressive towards other dogs. She doesn't attack them or anything like that. But if the other dog happens to bark at her she goes nuts, she starts barking back and wining and pulling on the leash like a tractor.

   A few months ago we went to Webster's falls, which is a huge family park, hiking trails, picnic area and the largest waterfall in the Hamilton area. The park was packed that day, I had never seen it so busy everywhere you looked with there were people. Dan and I had walked the dogs for a few hours and were just getting ready to leave the park when walking towards us was another young couple with their dog. Dan turned to me and asked "what kind of dog do you think that is?" I lifted my sunglasses to see better and stared at the dog coming towards us. My best guess, the dog was some kind of husky/ great Dane mix. It was a big orange dog twice the size of my petite Gina.

   I don't know if Gina could tell I was focused on the dog coming towards us, or if she was jealous or if shes just a bitch. But either way the other dog started barking and growling at us, which made Gina start barking and squealing at the other dog. She pulled on her leash bucking and kicking, standing on her hind legs. I started winding her leash around my wrist trying to keep control of her.

   Calmly walking beside me was Dan holding on to Capone's leash. Poor Capone isn't much of an aggressor so he just dropped to the ground looking around trying to figure out why Gina was acting so crazy. At that moment I really wished I had been the one walking Capone. Looking around quickly I realized everyone in the park was staring at me and Gina and the other couple walking there dog towards us.

   I tried to calm Gina, I yelled at her, I pulled on her leash I tried to distract her but she was going nuts doing circles around me and barking. Before I knew it I couldn't move, she had wound me up with her leash and my legs were tied together. All it took was one swift pull from her and I was flat on my back hitting the ground with a loud thud. Everyone in the park was staring at me. The guy holding his out of control dog came up asking me if I was ok, and if i needed help.

   I was so embarrassed. I now know how my mother feels all the time when she trips/falls. I quickly jumped up trying not to bring anymore attention to my fall. Finally Dan asked "are you ok? Do you want me to walk Gina?" Funny how he didn't ask me that 2 mins before all this had happened. I'm sure Gina felt bad about what had happened but all I could say to her on the way back to the car was "You took mommy down, in front of all those people you took mommy down."