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Halloween for the Kids

   In case you don't know I am a huge Christmas freak!!! Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!!! So when the leafs start falling the air gets crisp and everywhere you go smells like cinnamon and pumpkin, I know it's almost time to open the door to my Christmas storage room. I was born in October so maybe that's why I love fall so much or maybe because it's when I start getting really excited about Christmas but either way it's when I drag out my big orange and black totes and start decorating the house. This year was no exception. I decked the halls with skulls and witch hats, gory blood filled items and of course my black feathered Halloween wreath. 

Dinning Room Halloween

Blood and Brains

Platter Of Bloody Body Parts

Halloween Dining Room Table

Halloween decorations

Halloween Staircase ... Sorry it's blury

Halloween Stairs

Halloween Front Table

This is what the dogs did while I decorated

Halloween Skulls Bookshelf
Halloween Table



   This year I was so excited for my nephew Max to go trick or treating I feel like this is the first year where he really gets the concept of trick or treating. Although if you sit down and really think about it, trick or treating it is a little odd. We dress our children in costumes parade them up and down the streets caring the oldest yuckiest pillowcase your mom could pull from the back of the linen closet and encourages you to knock on strangers doors and beg for free food. 

    I asked my sister over and over again what my nephews were going to be for Halloween, have they decided yet? why as their mother have you not stepped in and decided for them it's almost September?! And over and over again I got the same answer... "I don't know what they're going to be yet." Finally I took matters into my own hands (Well as much as I could from far away) and started looking up cute costumes and sending her the links. Then I would call her at work to make sure she checked her email, and after she had I would call her back to see what her thoughts on that costume were.

Up Costume

Up Movie Halloween Costume...TOO CUTE

Up Costume

     I thought it would have been so cute for my dad or their dad to get dressed up with them and go out as the old man and boy or boyS in this case, from the cartoon movie Up. But that wasn't a good idea for some reason. I even offered to make them their costumes. Being house bound and childless sometimes has it's downfalls and I look for projects to take on. But since my sister decided she didn't need me to help her the boys went out as the same thing they did last year. A dinosaur for Max and a chicken for Anthony. Although the cutest dinosaur and chicken ever.

Sorry I can't find a pic of Anthony as chicken.


Sadly it was raining this year so the boys had to settle for going to the mall to do their trick or treating. Hopefully Cassandra will up load some pics from this years Halloween soon. 

   Even though I didn't really get dressed up this year and left my post at the front door handing out candy to go shopping ... I highly recommend shopping on Halloween night ... the stores were EMPTY it was great! So even though I didn't dress up this year I do have to mention the best male and female costume of the year. This is my childhood friend Johanna and her Boyfriend. The minute I saw his costume I had to email a pic to my parents with the title ... BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME EVER!!! Here's his pic...

Best Costume Ever

Not sure who he is?? What if I give you this clue..."The shitter was full"

***See bottom for answer if you haven't figured it out yet...Also GO RENT CHRISTMAS VACATION!!!***


 This is Johanna on Halloween, pretty easy to figure she went out as Rosie the riveter, I love her costume, classic beautiful and spot on. These two totally win best costumes this year from me. Maybe next year I'll have a blog sponsor and can have some nifty gift bags to give out. 


***Cousin Eddie From Christmas Vacation*** Go watch Christmas Vacation

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