Monday, 18 June 2012

Fathers Day 8


Dad Back In The Day

   This is a poem I wrote for my Dad on Father’s day 1998. I printed It out in crazy colors and gave it to him after our Italian meal with my Nona Vivi. My dad smiled and laughed and read it out loud for everyone at the table to hear. But before he could finish the poem, my grandmother piped up saying that I didn’t write this poem that I had copied it from somewhere. My Dad stood up for me telling her that there were things in the poem that he and I had spoke of and joked about for years. He finished reading and laughed the whole time. So I thought I would share it with you my readers, and remind my dad of how damn cute I was. Remember I was only 15 when I wrote this and at the time i never thought anyone other then the people at the table would ever read it. 
Dad And Nona Vivi


Dad at a dress up party

   You are my Father and I love you lots,
Why can’t I drive in empty parking lots?
I love the things we do together,
I`m almost 16 and a new cars better.


You`re almost broke because of the things I need, (HA, If I only knew)
And don`t forget to fix my car for free.
You drive me places I need to go,
I want a Chevy SS just so you know.

Mom And Dad Halloween

We go somewhere new every year,
I study for the drivers ed cause the test is near.
You love to say hi to Santa clause,
I don`t want a car like ``Who`s the Boss`.

Who's The Boss

You scan all my friends and for that I`m thankful,
I`d like a new mustang I promise I`ll be grateful.
You`ve seen me through my triumphs you`ve witnessed my defeats,
I`ll also need a phone book for the peddles I can`t reach.

Dad Christmas 

I thank you lots but love you more,
A car would be nice but love you much more.
You are my father and the best one out there,
Just don`t forget who gets the bills for all the cars care.

Mom And Dad Happy 25th

I`m sorry about the bad times and pray they don`t repeat,
I`ll love my new car and give it some cow cover car seats.
Words can`t say you how much I love and thank you,
A car would be nice but this poem is just to thank you. 

Mom And Dad Italy 2004

    There may have been a small hidden agenda in that poem but none the less it still made my dad laugh. Even though I was a horrible teenager and I`m surprised I did`t make my dad`s hair fall out, He has always supported me and made me laugh. I thought I would share a few of my favorite father daughter moments from over the years with you. Let's take a look down memory lane.

My Dad Looking Down Memory Lane Haha

- I remember when you owned Wacky Webster's and mom and I had to bring you a pair of shoes to work. Because you left the house that morning wearing one brown and one black shoe. 

- Once my friend Cheryl and family friend Adam Stallaert almost had my Dad convinced that because we each had a G1 drivers licence that it really equaled a 3G and as long as the three of us were together we could drive alone. 

Dad At The Stallaert's Cottage

- On a trip home from Florida one year, We were pulled over by the cops in Georgia and my dad was given a speeding ticket. In Georgia you have to pay the ticket on the spot if you are out of state. We didn't have that much U.S currency on us, so the cop took my Dad off to the maximum security prison. And that's where he stayed while my mom frantically searched for an ATM to "bail" my dad out of jail. 

Georgia State Prison

Dad Golfing

- Another drive home from Florida, My dad stopped for fuel late evening/early morning. My sister and I were asleep in the back when my dad got out to pump the gas. We woke up and noticed we were stopped so we decided to run in for a bathroom break. Somehow we missed my dad going in and out of the store. When my sister and I came out of the gas station we noticed our car was gone. We looked at each other and let out a "huh!" Luckily we only had to wait a minute or two before my mom yelled at my dad that he forgot us at the gas station. To this day Cassandra and I are the only people I know who can almost make it to Florida without needing a bathroom break. 

Me Dad And Cassandra At The Beach


-When I was younger and my extended family would get together, they would play a lot of card games. My sister and I were to young to play so my dad made up a game for us. He called it "Flipper" and to this day I still play it every now and then. 
Auntie In Hawaii Playing.. You Guessed It. Skip-Bo

There's Nothing I Can Say About This Pic

 The Family That looks ridiculous together, Gets laughed at together!

I wanted to add some pictures of my dad and I together. But I quickly noticed that I didn't have any pictures of him and I, Where I wasn't sitting behind him and sneaking in a picture...
Sneaking Up For A Picture
Again taking a picture without him knowing.
Yet, Another picture where Cassandra seemed to have made it into the shot. lol.
So I took her out of this one! HA Finally!!!! Me and My Dad!

Fathers Day 7


AWWW Look How Cute I Was!!!
 Back in the day my dad used to have a mustache …

Dad As Magnum P.I

The Real Magnum P.I
 I know crazy, but it was the time of Magnum P.I. Which by the way was still widely popular when I lived in Hawaii. life sized Magnum P.I cut outs and memorabilia were everywhere!!!

My Dad The Captain

   Years after the "diaper situation" my mom had left me home with my dad again, figuring I was potty trained now whats the worst that could happen. My dad was in his bathroom shaving and in I came curious about what he was doing. I picked up a razor and ran my finger along the blade. Blood starting dripping out and my dad looked down at me grabbing the razor out of my hands thinking how lucky he was to have caught me with a razor just in time. Until I raised my hand and showed him the blood dripping down my hand from my finger. If you know my father you know the thought of blood is enough to make him sick. But he handled it well by bandaging it up and trying to hide it from my mom. 

My Dad NOT Being The Captain That Day

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Father's Day 6


My Parents Back In The Day!
   I know every mom needs a break but really? This is the story that I have been told, seeing as I was too young to remember. When I was little, so little that I was still in diapers my mom had left me home with my dad. Apparently she had left him with instructions and supplies on how to feed and care for me. My mom changed my diaper and made sure I was happy and well before leaving. Hours later when she returned home, she asked how everything went and my dad said it was fine. My mom asked when was the last time I ate and when was the last time he changed my diaper? To which my father replied, she hasn’t needed her diaper changed. Every mother knows that most babies don’t go hours without needing a diaper change.

Mom And Dad In Italy!

    My mom took me upstairs trying to understand how and why I went so long without needing a new diaper. Until she opened my diaper and noticed I did indeed need a diaper change and probably hours ago, as soon as my mom had left I had pooped my dad being my dad hated even the thought of changing a dirty diaper so he just left it and told my mom I must have done right before she got home. Being a mom she knew that the dried on poop did not just happen it had been there for a long long time. 

Fathers Day 5


       A friend of mine had asked me to go with her and her mom to the university for family swim. I was maybe 10 years old. My parents gave me permission and off I went. While waiting to go swimming my friend and I were running up and down the stairs racing from the top to the bottom. Being competitive I decided the only way to win was to jump the last 5 or 6 stairs. I won the race landing on the ground and collapsing on my ankle that made a huge cracking sound when I landed. I limped over to a chair and sat there quietly not telling anyone that my foot hurt in case I wouldn’t be able to go swimming with a hurt foot.

OMG... Is All I Can Say!!

     A little while later it was time for us to swim, I did my best not to limp or let on I was hurt. I made it to the edge of the pool and jumped into the deep end. I flayed my arms and kicked my feet splashing around enjoying the water. Until I kicked my foot and realized how much it hurt. I swam over to the edge of the pool where a lifeguard came over and asked if I was ok. I told her yeah I’m fine my foot just hurts. She made me get out of the pool to look at my foot. It was big and blue and very obvious that there was something wrong. Thankfully we were at the university and didn’t have far to go to get to the university hospital ER, where my friends mom called my house to tell my parents I was hurt.

Dad... Surprise!!

    Not surprising at all my mom had gone shopping and took my sister with her. I was told that my dad would be there in just a few minutes. But I remember waiting and waiting thinking it was taking a long time for my dad to get there. Finally my dad showed up to the hospital, later in life I found out that my dad had been delayed because my mom went shopping and had taken not only her set of keys but also my fathers set of keys so he couldn’t drive to the hospital.  He went next door to our neighbours and knocked on their door over and over again, finally one of their kids pulled into the driveway and even though she was making spaghetti sauce she was more then happy to give my dad a ride.

Dad and Dino

   My mom and sister returned home to an empty house even though my dad’s truck was still in the driveway. Puzzled there wasn’t much they could do but wait for my dad or I to return home to get some answers. After all was said and done, my dad called my mom and told her he needed a ride home, apparently she was little upset  that she left me in dads care and now he needed a ride home from the hospital. When my mom pulled up to the ER entrance my dad pushed me out in my wheelchair with the cast on my foot that went up to my knee. My mom jumped out of the van yelling and asking for someone to explain what had happen. My dad’s response was “Don’t panic, It’s worse then it looks, really it’s nothing just a scratch.”

Dad Golfing

Fathers Day 4


   As I had said earlier I was a terrible teenager but I guess it started before my teenager years. When I was younger, I can’t remember exactly how old I was but as always I was in trouble. I was sent to my room and told to stay there until further notice. I threw one of my usual fits, kicking, screaming, throwing things and yelling. I figured if I was in solitaire confinement I would do the time but everyone was going to hear about how displeased I was with it. As I yelled every bad word I knew and threw books against the back of my bedroom door I felt like my point of being unhappy about being in my room wasn’t getting across to my family. ( I don’t know why I was so upset about being sent to my room, I had a computer, a tv with cable, every Disney movie known to man at the time.)

Crazy ass teenager... Halloween!

   Trying to drive the point home about being mad and angry I thought kicking the wall would make a loud bang and drive them as mad as I was. So I started kicking, and it was working. It made a loud bang over and over again I kept kicking even though it was starting to hurt my bare foot. I didn’t care if my foot was going to fall I was going to keep kicking. Over and over again until…

   My foot went straight though the wall. I stopped and looked at the huge hole terrified that I was never going to be released from my bedroom cell when they see what I had done. I stood still like a statue and stared at the hole thinking of my options. Jump out my bedroom window and keep running? Plug the hole with a shirt and paint it the wall colour? Sit in front of the hole for the rest of my life? Pay for a repair man with my piggy bank money?

   Realizing I was screwed and crying hysterically I stood staring at the hole in the wall that would undoubtedly  put an end to my short life. My parents must have known something was wrong when all the noise coming from my bedroom had stopped suddenly. The gold handle on my bedroom door started opening and before I knew it my dad was standing in my room right in front of me. I started backing up against the opposite wall behind me still crying hysterically and now hyperventilating. My dad stood in the same spot staring at me and asking me what was wrong. I couldn’t speak I could hardly breath. After my father repeatedly asking me what was wrong I tried to explain what I had done but all that would come out in between sobs was “Ahhaaa haha ahhh haha” It was me laughing nervously between cries and hyperventilating.

   Finally my dad started laughing probably because I was a total basket case by that time. Finally I looked down and was staring at the large hole I had kicked in the wall. My dad still wasn’t getting the hint so I raised my arm, made a first and pointed at the hole holding my breath waiting for the death sentience to be handed down to me. After what felt like forever my dad looked at the hole then back at me and again to the hole. My dad laughed looking at me and told me “That’s what your freaking out about? Don’t worry about it I’ll fix it tomorrow.” He turned to walk away and I let out a deep sigh of relief. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t dead. My dad had been so cool about it, to this day I’m still not sure why he didn’t react more maybe it was because the hole wasn’t that big of a deal. It was something my dad was capable of fixing no problem. Maybe it was because he wanted to leave the room so he could laugh even more. I like to think that it was because in those few minutes from when I created the hole until my dad walked out of my room was a big enough punishment on it’s own. Either way I’ll always remember that day and how my surprised I was by how my dad handled the situation.