Friday, 15 June 2012

Fathers Day 2


    This next story also involves me driving. I’m a good driver I tell ‘ya honestly!!!!
A few years later I was blessed to have my own car a white mustang that I loved. My sisters boss was selling his mustang and my dad and I went to look at the car. It was standard and I had never driven stick before so my dad took me out to the country and tried to teach me by telling me what to do. After 2 or 3 minutes of his instructions and me stopping, starting and switching gears my dad piped up and said “If you haven’t gotten it
yet, I can’t help you.”

    Even so we bought the car and I was the proud owner of a mustang… that sat in the driveway because I couldn’t drive stick. One night I came home and told my dad that a friend had taken me out driving and taught me how to drive standard  that day. ( Just a small lie) So that evening I decided this was it, I was really going to learn how to drive standard if it killed me. I got dressed put on my make-up and asked my dad if he could back my car out of the drive way for me because I wasn’t very good at reversing with the 5 speed. He replied “If you can’t back the car up you can’t drive it, and it needs to stay right where it is in the drive way.” I told him no no I can do it I was just nervous about it.

   So I jumped into the car put it in natural and let it roll backwards out of the drive way. I made it to my friend Cheryl's house a few blocks away and we went driving, jumping and stalling the car the whole way. People staring and laughing at us, but we didn’t care we were out in my new mustang and we thought we were the coolest thing ever, even if we couldn’t really drive it.  

Driving Standard in the Mustang

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