Friday, 15 June 2012

Fathers Day 3


   This memory also involves me driving and yet another accident. Though this one wasn’t my fault.This is perhaps my favorite story about my dad and I. Maybe it`s because this was the day I realized my dad is super man.
I was driving down Dundas st alone in my mustang and I was coming up to the intersection at Highbury. I put my turn single on and proceeded into the left turning lane, when out of no where this lady decided that she didn’t want to go straight anymore and pulled in front of me from the middle lane and totally cut me off. Our cars hit and I wanted to cry out for my poor mustang. I put on my four ways and looked for somewhere to pull over so we could exchange information. She was a lady in her 40s maybe, with a car full of people who all looked back at me when our cars collided. Her whole car full of people knew they had hit me and were now staring at me. I proceeded to pull into the gas station on the corner thinking she would follow and we could access the damage. But she didn’t the light turned green and she took off.

My Dad Back In The Day

   Shocked and shaking out of anger for my beautiful mustang and shock from what had just happened. I pulled back onto the road to follow her but was stopped at the red light. I picked up my cell phone and called my dad, I figured he could talk me though it and tell me what to do next. Thankfully he answered his phone I told him what happened and he asked where I was. I told him I was trying to follow her and I was at a red light on highbury ave trying to head south. He told me to try and catch up to her and get her licence plate and to calm down everything was ok. 

Me Laying On My 1994 Mustang

   To me everything was not ok, this “four letter word lady” had just hit my car looked me in the eye and took off, and now to make things worse I think I lost her and there will be no justice for my mustang. Finally the light turned green and I quickly shifted though the gears to catch up to her and her little crappy Toyota loaded down with witness. I had lost sight of her and feared my chase was in vain, then it crossed my mind, even if I caught up to her what was I going to do? Pull up beside her and make the hand motion to roll your window down? And if I did get her to pull over what was I going to do when it was 5 people against just me?

My Dad And His Favorite Mini Car

   Before another thought could go though my mind I heard the loud  sound of an engine being floored coming up behind me. I looked in my review mirror to catch a quick glimpse of a black blur. In the flash of an eye the black came into focus as it flew passed my car and was gone in an instant. I floored my car and followed the black lightening until tired screeched to a stop and the black blur finally came into focus. It was my dads truck, he was in front of the car that had hit me, he slammed on his breaks and turned his truck sideways on the road. He blocked her in and jumped out of his truck. He calmly walked towards the little car that was pinned against the guard rail dads truck that had come speeding down the road like a bat out of hell. He proceeded to the drivers window and calmly told her “You hit that girls car, I think it’s in your best interest to pull into that gas station right there on the corner.” I don’t know what she said but I wish I could have seen the look on her face.

My Dad Working On His 1972 Pantera

   We all pulled into the gas station and my dad dealt with the situation because all I could do was yell “you hit me and took off what’s wrong with you? Who does that?” To this day I still don’t know how my dad did it, he came out of nowhere like superman when I needed him. 

My Dad And I

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