Monday, 18 June 2012

Fathers Day 7


AWWW Look How Cute I Was!!!
 Back in the day my dad used to have a mustache …

Dad As Magnum P.I

The Real Magnum P.I
 I know crazy, but it was the time of Magnum P.I. Which by the way was still widely popular when I lived in Hawaii. life sized Magnum P.I cut outs and memorabilia were everywhere!!!

My Dad The Captain

   Years after the "diaper situation" my mom had left me home with my dad again, figuring I was potty trained now whats the worst that could happen. My dad was in his bathroom shaving and in I came curious about what he was doing. I picked up a razor and ran my finger along the blade. Blood starting dripping out and my dad looked down at me grabbing the razor out of my hands thinking how lucky he was to have caught me with a razor just in time. Until I raised my hand and showed him the blood dripping down my hand from my finger. If you know my father you know the thought of blood is enough to make him sick. But he handled it well by bandaging it up and trying to hide it from my mom. 

My Dad NOT Being The Captain That Day

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