Friday, 15 June 2012

Fathers Day 1


   May 1999, I was a carefree 16 year old who was just blessed with passing my G2 drivers test and a new  driver in Ontario. I had been out driving on my own a few times and if I may say so myself I was a pretty good driver. One night I asked to borrow the car and was granted my wish. I had picked up some of the girls and were going to the store to get chips and candy to watch a movie at a friends house. Being the only one of my friends with a licence we all piled into my parents silver Audi. We went to the local convince store got our treats and back in the car we all went. I started backing up when a car come zooming into the parking lot behind me and instantly stopped right behind me when they noticed I was backing up. I slammed on the breaks and took a deep breath thankful I didn’t hit them. I was so scared I gave the car some gas to go forward back into my parking spot, but forgot to put it in drive! So I ended up backing into the other car.

   After that I dropped the girls off and went home terrified that my parents were going to kill me or worse not let me drive their cars anymore. I quietly made it into the house while everyone was sleeping I slipped into Cassandra’s room and woke her up telling her what had happened. She told me not to worry about it go to sleep and wait for mom to leave for work in the morning, and then tell dad what had happened. So that’s what I did. I went and told my dad what I had done, he walked with me outside to look at the car and noticed there wasn’t much damage to our car nothing that he couldn’t fix at home. Now that other car wasn’t so lucky my dad called the older couple and paid for the damages.  My dad knew if my mom heard about this I would never get to drive again. It wasn’t until years later once I had moved on my own that the truth finally came out and we told my mom about the accident. My dad covering for me is one of my favorite memories.

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