Saturday, 16 June 2012

Father's Day 6


My Parents Back In The Day!
   I know every mom needs a break but really? This is the story that I have been told, seeing as I was too young to remember. When I was little, so little that I was still in diapers my mom had left me home with my dad. Apparently she had left him with instructions and supplies on how to feed and care for me. My mom changed my diaper and made sure I was happy and well before leaving. Hours later when she returned home, she asked how everything went and my dad said it was fine. My mom asked when was the last time I ate and when was the last time he changed my diaper? To which my father replied, she hasn’t needed her diaper changed. Every mother knows that most babies don’t go hours without needing a diaper change.

Mom And Dad In Italy!

    My mom took me upstairs trying to understand how and why I went so long without needing a new diaper. Until she opened my diaper and noticed I did indeed need a diaper change and probably hours ago, as soon as my mom had left I had pooped my dad being my dad hated even the thought of changing a dirty diaper so he just left it and told my mom I must have done right before she got home. Being a mom she knew that the dried on poop did not just happen it had been there for a long long time. 

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