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Fathers Day 8


Dad Back In The Day

   This is a poem I wrote for my Dad on Father’s day 1998. I printed It out in crazy colors and gave it to him after our Italian meal with my Nona Vivi. My dad smiled and laughed and read it out loud for everyone at the table to hear. But before he could finish the poem, my grandmother piped up saying that I didn’t write this poem that I had copied it from somewhere. My Dad stood up for me telling her that there were things in the poem that he and I had spoke of and joked about for years. He finished reading and laughed the whole time. So I thought I would share it with you my readers, and remind my dad of how damn cute I was. Remember I was only 15 when I wrote this and at the time i never thought anyone other then the people at the table would ever read it. 
Dad And Nona Vivi


Dad at a dress up party

   You are my Father and I love you lots,
Why can’t I drive in empty parking lots?
I love the things we do together,
I`m almost 16 and a new cars better.


You`re almost broke because of the things I need, (HA, If I only knew)
And don`t forget to fix my car for free.
You drive me places I need to go,
I want a Chevy SS just so you know.

Mom And Dad Halloween

We go somewhere new every year,
I study for the drivers ed cause the test is near.
You love to say hi to Santa clause,
I don`t want a car like ``Who`s the Boss`.

Who's The Boss

You scan all my friends and for that I`m thankful,
I`d like a new mustang I promise I`ll be grateful.
You`ve seen me through my triumphs you`ve witnessed my defeats,
I`ll also need a phone book for the peddles I can`t reach.

Dad Christmas 

I thank you lots but love you more,
A car would be nice but love you much more.
You are my father and the best one out there,
Just don`t forget who gets the bills for all the cars care.

Mom And Dad Happy 25th

I`m sorry about the bad times and pray they don`t repeat,
I`ll love my new car and give it some cow cover car seats.
Words can`t say you how much I love and thank you,
A car would be nice but this poem is just to thank you. 

Mom And Dad Italy 2004

    There may have been a small hidden agenda in that poem but none the less it still made my dad laugh. Even though I was a horrible teenager and I`m surprised I did`t make my dad`s hair fall out, He has always supported me and made me laugh. I thought I would share a few of my favorite father daughter moments from over the years with you. Let's take a look down memory lane.

My Dad Looking Down Memory Lane Haha

- I remember when you owned Wacky Webster's and mom and I had to bring you a pair of shoes to work. Because you left the house that morning wearing one brown and one black shoe. 

- Once my friend Cheryl and family friend Adam Stallaert almost had my Dad convinced that because we each had a G1 drivers licence that it really equaled a 3G and as long as the three of us were together we could drive alone. 

Dad At The Stallaert's Cottage

- On a trip home from Florida one year, We were pulled over by the cops in Georgia and my dad was given a speeding ticket. In Georgia you have to pay the ticket on the spot if you are out of state. We didn't have that much U.S currency on us, so the cop took my Dad off to the maximum security prison. And that's where he stayed while my mom frantically searched for an ATM to "bail" my dad out of jail. 

Georgia State Prison

Dad Golfing

- Another drive home from Florida, My dad stopped for fuel late evening/early morning. My sister and I were asleep in the back when my dad got out to pump the gas. We woke up and noticed we were stopped so we decided to run in for a bathroom break. Somehow we missed my dad going in and out of the store. When my sister and I came out of the gas station we noticed our car was gone. We looked at each other and let out a "huh!" Luckily we only had to wait a minute or two before my mom yelled at my dad that he forgot us at the gas station. To this day Cassandra and I are the only people I know who can almost make it to Florida without needing a bathroom break. 

Me Dad And Cassandra At The Beach


-When I was younger and my extended family would get together, they would play a lot of card games. My sister and I were to young to play so my dad made up a game for us. He called it "Flipper" and to this day I still play it every now and then. 
Auntie In Hawaii Playing.. You Guessed It. Skip-Bo

There's Nothing I Can Say About This Pic

 The Family That looks ridiculous together, Gets laughed at together!

I wanted to add some pictures of my dad and I together. But I quickly noticed that I didn't have any pictures of him and I, Where I wasn't sitting behind him and sneaking in a picture...
Sneaking Up For A Picture
Again taking a picture without him knowing.
Yet, Another picture where Cassandra seemed to have made it into the shot. lol.
So I took her out of this one! HA Finally!!!! Me and My Dad!

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