Sunday, 8 July 2012



   I have two of the cutest nephews ever! I have adored them since the moment I held each of them. Max a few hours after he was born and Anthony just moments after he arrived. I could have never imagined how great being an Auntie is. I love the hugs and kisses I get, the laughter they bring me and the overall joy I get just see a picture of them. I never knew I could love two kids so much, and being their only aunt who lives in Ontario I like to think they feel the same about me.

   I know everyone thinks their children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces god children are the cutest, funniest, smartest so on and so on. But I really do have smart nephews, when Max was younger I taught him how to cheers his baby bottle with my cup and as he got older to say Cheers when he did it. Another proud moment was when I taught him to say “Ahhhhh” after he had a drink.

   So it’s no surprise that I always try to watch what I say and do because I have these two little copy cats watching everything I do and say. I have cleaned up my potty mouth quite a bit but whenever I slip Cassandra is always on top of it singing out “F-bomb auntie F-bomb auntie.” Even though I’m not the only one who has let a bad word slip around them, it always seems like I’m the only one who gets caught (until today)
*Evil Laugh* Muah ahahah!

   A few weeks ago was my oldest nephews third birthday. As usual my sister threw a big party with snow cones for the kids and buckets of margaritas for the adults. Other then the unbearable heat it was a great kids party. Everyone drank and had a great time including Nonno.  As the party was winding down and just close family remained I began filming the kids playing around on their new John Deer gator that Nonie and Nonno bought as a birthday gift.

   I am so happy that I began filming Anthony when I did because I was lucky and caught this on tape…

Hopefully by now you have watched the video and now I’ll explain. The day before the party mom and I were prepping vegetables and different kinds of food for the party. As we were working in the kitchen I decided to put on a dvd of The real housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ). After watching a few episodes of season one my mom was so livid she asked me “what is wrong with that woman?! I can’t believe what a … a… a… skanky ho she is!!!!) And she was right, Danielle from season one is just that, a skanky ho! I have heard my mom swear and call people names before I’ve even seen her literally lay on the horn and shoot someone in traffic the finger once. But I have never heard her use the phrase “skanky ho!”

   So when my dad got home that night I was all too excited to tell him about moms new colour full language. We all joked around calling her the skanky ho (all in good fun, we don’t actually call each other skanky hoes), and laughing that mom was now F-bomb Nonnie.  

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