Wednesday, 18 July 2012



   I love taking my dogs hiking in the woods near my house when i feel well. I think it's safe to say we all have a great time. In Hamilton there is somewhere around  126 different waterfalls that you can hike to, and they are just breath taking.

   Last time I took Gina and Capone hiking we were lucky enough or unlucky I should say, to see lots of wild animals. I must admit my dogs are great but when it comes to chasing wild animals, nothing I can say will stop them from trying.

   After Gina was attacked by a greyhound at the dog park she has become a little aggressive towards other dogs. She doesn't attack them or anything like that. But if the other dog happens to bark at her she goes nuts, she starts barking back and wining and pulling on the leash like a tractor.

   A few months ago we went to Webster's falls, which is a huge family park, hiking trails, picnic area and the largest waterfall in the Hamilton area. The park was packed that day, I had never seen it so busy everywhere you looked with there were people. Dan and I had walked the dogs for a few hours and were just getting ready to leave the park when walking towards us was another young couple with their dog. Dan turned to me and asked "what kind of dog do you think that is?" I lifted my sunglasses to see better and stared at the dog coming towards us. My best guess, the dog was some kind of husky/ great Dane mix. It was a big orange dog twice the size of my petite Gina.

   I don't know if Gina could tell I was focused on the dog coming towards us, or if she was jealous or if shes just a bitch. But either way the other dog started barking and growling at us, which made Gina start barking and squealing at the other dog. She pulled on her leash bucking and kicking, standing on her hind legs. I started winding her leash around my wrist trying to keep control of her.

   Calmly walking beside me was Dan holding on to Capone's leash. Poor Capone isn't much of an aggressor so he just dropped to the ground looking around trying to figure out why Gina was acting so crazy. At that moment I really wished I had been the one walking Capone. Looking around quickly I realized everyone in the park was staring at me and Gina and the other couple walking there dog towards us.

   I tried to calm Gina, I yelled at her, I pulled on her leash I tried to distract her but she was going nuts doing circles around me and barking. Before I knew it I couldn't move, she had wound me up with her leash and my legs were tied together. All it took was one swift pull from her and I was flat on my back hitting the ground with a loud thud. Everyone in the park was staring at me. The guy holding his out of control dog came up asking me if I was ok, and if i needed help.

   I was so embarrassed. I now know how my mother feels all the time when she trips/falls. I quickly jumped up trying not to bring anymore attention to my fall. Finally Dan asked "are you ok? Do you want me to walk Gina?" Funny how he didn't ask me that 2 mins before all this had happened. I'm sure Gina felt bad about what had happened but all I could say to her on the way back to the car was "You took mommy down, in front of all those people you took mommy down."

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