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   Oh how much I have to blog about. My blog started this weekend a year ago, when I had a little too much to drink and ended up crossing  #21 off my bucket list, when I got on stage (or should I say was pushed on stage) and sang along with the band. (Please see #52 if you need a refresher though i still have till August 5th to finish the 52 things for this year!!!!!!)

   Luckily this year I didn’t have as much to drink so I didn’t have the liquid courage to get up on stage. (probably a good thing as I have heard myself sing.) But I did cross off another thing from my bucket list which I will tell you about in one of the upcoming blogs. 

   I did have a great night, with great people and was so happy to be surrounded by family and friends and so many people who love me. The day started off with a mad dash to get things packed, load the car, head for the express way, turn around half a dozen times for things I forgot including Dan once, and flying down the highway trying to make it to the dragon boat fundraiser in time to see my favorite band Nemesis go on stage. 

   Once we made it to Windsor, it was again a mad dash unload the car, take the dogs pee, find my clothes for the night, help Dan get dressed ( He had an accident at work this week and isn’t moving to freely yet without pain) and put on my make up while doing my hair. This is where my night really started.

   So after the long 4 hour car ride to Windsor my make up had been baking in the trunk of the car for quite a few hours. When I got to my grandfathers house in Windsor I turned the A/C on right away. The house was at 98F hot enough to melt the ice in my cup in moments.

   But I didn’t have time to worry about that I was in a rush to get ready and head down to the park. I started teasing my hair and spraying more then enough hairspray for the whole cast of jersey shore. I knew it was hot out and I wanted my hair to stay in place and it was going to no matter what! After that I took a break outside to cool off had a drink and was back in the bathroom to start on my make up. I did my eyes and couldn’t figure out why my make up job didn’t look as it usually did. But again I didn’t have time to dwell on it. Next was my cover up. Thank god I remembered to bring my cover up, that morning I had woke up with this gaudier of a zit on my chin. Almost like the big massive zit you pray you don’t have on prom night or your wedding day, but yep the one night a year I go out I got that massive dreaded zit right on the front of my face, it almost looked as though my head was trying to grow an extra chin.

   So I reached for every cover up I had, sticks, powers, liquids, foundations, everything I could. But once I opened the jar to my foundation I noticed it looked at little different… It wasn’t it’s usual smooth creamy texture. It was lumpy, like cottage cheese. I stood in the small hot bathroom staring at the bottle for minute puzzled. Finally I reached out and touched my make up case , it was still warm. It was then I knew I had cooked my foundation in the trunk of my car. There wasn’t much I could do at the moment.
I put on the warm foundation starting at my forehead and working downwards. By the time I got to the massive zit on my chin the peach foundation from my forehead was melting and running down the top of my nose and pooling a tear size drop that dripped off my nose.

   Frustrated I decided to go outside cool off, and let the central air do its thing. After my small break I went back to mirror and was going to attempt to make this foundation stay on if it was the last thing I do. Looking up into the mirror I noticed the sweat dripping from my face and that my eyebrows were suddenly and totally unruly. Now I don’t know for sure if it had something to do with the massive heat in that house that had made them grow like a chia pet over the last few minutes, but whatever it was I had to tame these beasts.

   I searched around for a solution , I was at my grandfathers old house a house that no women had entered in decades. What was I going to do, searching though my make up bag I found one of those little razors at the bottom. Phew thank god something was going my way in this bathroom. I took out the razor and started taming these bad boys. A little here, a little there, some from the bottom and not to forget the uni brow that was starting to grow. This little razor was amazing it was taking no time and I was doing great……….. Until Dan knocked on the bathroom door and I lost concentration. The razor in my hand pressed up against my eyebrow ready to take the next sharp swipe out of my eyebrow, was still firmly pressed against my face when I turned my head to the door, and took a swipe out of my eyebrow.

   I no longer worried about my uni brow, I was covered as far as that went. Because I now had three eyebrows. I had taken a complete section out of my eyebrow and left me with two half's of a brow above my left eye.

   After all this, I threw on whatever make up I had knowing damn well it was going to melt off before I even made it to the park. But at least I tried. In the pictures of my that night you will notice my make up is not at its best but I tired and most of it stayed on. Until I got home that evening, tired, tipsy, hot and uncomfortable. I sat at the table while everyone indulged on pizza and drinks. I placed my head in my hands and closed my eyes. I rubbed my face and tried to wake up, when someone asked if I was ok… I lifted my head and replied “yeah I’m fine”. Just then everyone at the table started laughing, unsure of what was going on my younger cousin held my hand up to me and said “look”. I looked and realized some of my make up was on my hand but big deal why were they laughing?

   Finally I was let in on the joke lol. When I had placed my face in my hands, the eyebrow that I had drawn on earlier that night had come off in my hand and was perfectly transferred onto my hand. What a fitting end to the night that started off with major make up issues.

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