Wednesday, 18 July 2012



Dear readers,
   This is  a blog I wrote a few weeks ago, and thought I had published on my site but realized I still haven’t put it up for everyone to read so here it is…    

   Monday night I laid in bed like a kid on Christmas eve, I tossed and turned and tried my best to fall asleep. But Sleep was eluding me. No matter what I did I couldn’t sleep I was too excited. Excited about what you ask? Well as many of you know I am one of the biggest Christmas fans out there, I play Christmas music all year long, I keep my tree up 365 days a year and on any give day you can find me watching one of my Christmas movies from my huge collection.

   But what does my love of Christmas have to do with me not being able to sleep in the middle of summer? Even though there are only 195 days until Christmas, this is not what was keeping me up. I had received word that the HALLMARK channel was filming a new CHRISTMAS movie HERE in Hamilton called FIR CRAZY and they were filming outside on the street. Someone had told me that “if you get there early enough you might be able to get a part as an extra”. So I woke up put on my make up got dressed and raced across town to the movie set. Apparently I was a little too excited because the actors weren’t set to show up for another 6 hours.

   Even though I was disappointed that I couldn’t fulfill a Huge dream of mine and become an extra in a Christmas movie and cross that off my bucket list, I still had a great time on set. Because the actors and the director and other important people weren’t expected for a few hours I was able to have some fun on the almost empty set.

   This is a picture of Krysta Lee, she is starring in the movie Fir Crazy and is such a nice lady. I didn’t realize till the next day that she also is a friend of my old friend Mike. Mike plays in a country band and so does Krista so they kind of know each other from the local country music scene. Too bad I didn’t know all this the day before, maybe I could have cashed in a few favors and become an extra walking down the street in the movie. But I still had a great time on the movie set and here’s a few pictures I took of my time on set.

 Such a great day on the Christmas set in the middle of summer 

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