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The fight for Lennox

Since this is such sad news I'm only going to touch on it for a moment. My blog is meant to make people laugh and to share the new adventures that i embark on each and every year.

But since I was recently at a breast cancer fundraiser in Windsor, and was asked repeatedly about the dog Lennox I thought I would give all my readers the update.

The world has last the fight, The BCC has released a statement saying that Lennox was put down at 7 am on July 11th basically the moment his appeal was expired.

There is more to this case then the public knows... At least that is my belief. The family of Lennox was denied a last request to say good bye to their beloved family member that was to be put to sleep... forever. They were also denied the right to have Lennox's body returned to them, so they could bury him on the family's farm or in the local pet cemetery. (Wherever it was they wanted to lay him to rest, somewhere they could visit. A place with a headstone where they could mourn and feel close to Lennox, somewhere they could leave flowers and little trinkets of love to show that he is not forgotten.) Lennox's 12 year old best friend had made a call, herself, asking if should could have Lennox's collar back once hes gone. She just wanted something to remember her dog. From what i have been told and what i have read. She was rudely told no and the adult on the other end made animal noises at the little girl and then hung up on her.


If you want to read more for yourself you can go to web page there are also facebook pages that show support for Lennox's family. As well as web site and face book pages that have thousands of followers calling for a boycott of Belfast, where all this happened.

It is horrible that hundred of thousands of people have come together to support this dog Lennox and his family, and still thousands of screaming and pleading voices wern't able to make a difference in the life of Lennox and his best friend the families 12 year old special needs daughter.

I personally won't stop fighting for Lennox's memory, and for the other dogs that may be put down under the BSL. Starting wtih a protest this upcoming weekend in Toronto. I'm not a protest kind of girl, I have never walked a picket line, I have never held a man made sign and chanted with others for what i believe in.
But in memory of Lennox the dog who touched the hearts of everyone I will proudly hold a sign and chant along side other like minded individuals and their dogs.

I have cried more tears then I can count over this case, I have worn blue to show my support, I have prayed and hoped wished and prayed. All to no avail. It's a sad case with the worst possible outcome. I will do what i can to make sure this doesn't happen again and I'm going to start on July 21st in Toronto with my dogs at my side, protesting for the END OF BILL 16. A sign that i came across a few days ago really sums up the way i feel about the dangerous dog act.. "Don't blame the Breed, punish the Deed." Meaning any dog can be aggressive even a fluffy poodle. But don't blame a breed of dogs because of what some may have done. Treat each case as individual cases and deal with them on a personal basis.  Come out and join me if your going to be in the area or if the Lennox story has moved you.

Because of what has happened to Lennox the world is still watching and fighting. Lennox supporters now call themselfs "The Lennox Army" with a slogan of WE ARE LENNOX. It's something I strongly believe in and a pharase I will promise to use over and over again.

Ok thats enough of tree hugging hippie protest chanting Ashley. I promise my blog will be back to normal. :)
Happy and Funny :) 

I'm sure this blog has spelling mistakes and is poorly written but as my emotions are poured out onto my computer i can't help but shed tears for Lennox and all the other dogs that are out there waiting for their death sentence. I can't help but become over wellmed with anger that Lennox couldn't be saved. Becuase of my strong emotions right now, I can't go back and prof read this blog and correct the spelling mistakes and poorly composed sentences.

I am a dog lover, and I am in love with MY dogs. I will fight till the end if i had to, just to protect them from any basis comments. Together we can make a difference. And together ...


Lennox, I'm sorry I failed you, I'm sorry we are as the human race failed you. But you will not be forgotten and your pain and suffering was not in vain. Change will come from what was done to you. The world is STILL watching and so am I. Rest In Peace Sweet Boy.

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