Thursday, 8 November 2012


It's A Dogie Halloween

 I'm not sure if it was a sign from above but as I sat on the tv room floor surrounded by sequence, fabric and jewels I was watching an episode of modern family. It just so happened to be this episode that I was watching for the first time. You really need to watch this video clip to understand what it is I'm talking about. And it's Modern Family one of my favorite tv shows. So funny!!!!!

Modern Family Cam's Master Project

Pirate Costume

Yep, that's right, it's a dog costume. My master project was a dog costume.

World's best dog costume

I came across this pic of "two" dogs carrying a treasure chest.  I loved it!!!! I thought it was so unique and funny I just had to try and make one for my dog Gina. Luckily Gina is pretty good about being dressed up and lets me do pretty much whatever I want to her... poor dog. Once I decided to make this costume that was labeled as "Worlds best dog costume" I thought I would put a spin on it and make it my own. I had to try and improve "Worlds best dog costume". So I made the treasure chest light up and made the "second" pirate look like Gina.

Dog Pirate

   Since my sister didn't want help with making my nephews costumes because apparently Costco kids costumes are the best ... Whatever!!! I decided that I would make my dog a costume. My oldest nephew Max is really into pirates right now and since my plan was to go to London and trick or treat with the kids I thought that going with a pirate theme was a pretty safe bet. I was wrong, he went as a dinosaur. How cute would it have been to see Max as a pirate too taking Gina trick or treating with him. Max keeps asking his parents for a puppy for Christmas, so he has to learn to walk a dog sooner or later. And If you know Gina you know she is a gentle giant. She is the sweetest puppy ever I can't express what a great dog she is, Max wouldn't really need to "walk" her she would walk just by his side. Ahh it would have been so cute.

Boy's pirate bedroom

This is Max's Pirate bedroom... It's so cute I'm not sure where she got the bedding and stickers from but if you need to know email me and I'll ask her for the info. It's so cute, even better in real life. The picture doesn't do it justice.

   Back to the point, Gina was getting a costume and I was going to enter her in a few dogie costume contests and hopefully win some cash and prizes. Due to the rainy week some of the contests were canceled and  I was in bed with a migraine the weekend before Halloween so I couldn't take her to the other contests. Maybe next year. But here's some more pics of her costume...

Halloween dog costume

Halloween pirate costume for dogs

Two dogs carrying pirate chest

Halloween box costume

Hello :)

Light up pirate chest

Dog Treasure Chest

Pirate with parrot

Pirate Chest Jewels
Two dogs and treasure chest

Halloween pirate costume

hehe we were feeding her treats...Apparently they were lip smacking good

Weird 3 eyed dog picture...Can you spot the 3rd eye?

Gina's mug shot profile

 Ohhhh Gold 'n' Jewels... Gold.. Golden Pawn?! 1700 Dundas street London Ontario, Open 9-6 week days and 10-5 Saturdays Closed Sundays and all major holidays. Tell them Gina sent you!
Lite up treasure chest

Gina look alike

Stuffed pirate and treasure chest costume
That's it folks.

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