Saturday, 2 November 2013


    Hello My readers, well my family :). 

  First I'm terribly sorry I haven't been blogging even though I have promised over and over again to blog at least once a month. I give you my sincerest apologizes. Lately my life has been a little hectic and stressful and because of that my migraines have been at their worst. Most days the light from my computer screen is enough to make cry. I can promise you that I will TRY to blog more often. But this isn't a pity party for me, so we move with the apologies. 

   Second, I need to tell my family and friends how truly sorry I am that I have missed so many events this past year. We all know I used to miss the occasional event in the past, but this year I think I missed ALL of them. Weddings, funerals, births, anniversary's, birthdays including my own, the dragon boat races, Easter, Christmas, Halloweens, my moms 60th Birthday, my nephews birthdays, bachelorette party's, high school reunion with the girls, stag and does, grand openings, graduations, baby showers, wedding showers, family get together, Sunday dinners, black Friday shopping, vacations, trips, retirement party, my dad playing Santa at the shop I was going to be an elf, House warming, drag queen night, the last day in Nonno's house before it was sold. 

   I know I'm forgetting a few more and for that I am also sorry. If it wasn't for these migraines you all know I would have been there. And I'm so sorry that I missed out on celebrating these life events with you. The only event I missed that wasn't 100% because of my health was Kasha's baby shower. On the Friday that I was going to leave for Windsor I broke a tooth and ended up with a nasty infection and decided to leave on the Saturday night instead. When I was traveling to Windsor on the Saturday I was delayed by a tornado, so I went back home that night and it was a good thing I did. T|he tornado had taken shingles off the roof of the house and water was pouring in from the bathroom fan. Even so, I was planning on leaving early Sunday morning to make it in time. But My stupid head and teeth made it impossible. Kasha I am very sorry that I didn't make it to the baby shower. 

   And to everyone else I am so sorry I missed all these events. I hope you all know this is a sincere apologize from the bottom of my heart. 

Love always, 


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