Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hello Hello :)

   Lately I've been seeing a lot of postings on Facebook about grammar and punctuation. Common sense stuff that we all know, regardless if follow the rules or not.

   I will admit, I am one of the people who don't follow the rules. When it comes to their, there, or they're I always use There. Sometimes because I'm lazy, sometimes because I don't pay attention and sometimes because I just don't care. :)

   But I will start making an effort to correct my writing grammar. Especially after seeing this post...

   I do take full blame for my poor writing grammar. But I will also admit to being uber lazy and using dictation to write some of my blogs and not going back to correct the there, their or they're.  To be honest even when I write my blog posts, I rarely go back and spell check or correct this or that. What I write is what comes to mind and sometimes If i were to go back and correct this or that some of the more "risky" posts may get deleted all together.

  So just like me all my blogs are uncensored :)

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