Tuesday, 13 December 2011



   Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I watch Christmas movies all year round I keep my Christmas tree up all year and i always have a Christmas cd in my car.  I am a Christmas freak!!!!

   Usually I have great memories and stories to tell about my adventures of the holiday season, I walk around wearing my Christmas shirts and have a smile posted on my face. This is the true story that changed me from merry Christmas to bah hum bug.

   The other day i woke up feeling great (which never happens) no headache at all. I had a few more Christmas gifts to buy and a few errands to run. I started off with going to the bank, Rent was due the next day so i withdrew the rent and put it in my "make-up" bag that i always carry in my purse. Having that much cash I had always been taught to be smart about it and not put it in my wallet where people could see it if i was buying something.

  From the bank I went to the drug store and picked up my prescriptions and put them in my "make-up" bag as well. From there I travelled to the mall. What a mess! i drove around and around looking for a parking spot i even pulled a "grampa" and followed people from the mall to their cars. Finally I found a spot i put on my turn single and waited for the lady to get all her bags in the car belt in her kids fold up the stroller and make a phone call. Finally I had a spot, we each waved and i started to pull up. Just as I did some jerk raced in and stole my parking spot!!! We shared words and i drove off and looked for yet another parking spot.

    Finally I was out of my car and walking towards the mall, while walking and not paying attention i stepped in a puddle and got a soker. Yay nothing like walking around all day with wet feet. Still no big deal. It was the Holiday season and I was shopping for my loved ones.

  Once in the mall it was madness. Everyone was on the same mission, Get what you need and get out as fast as you can. I looked at a few things and ended up in Old Navy to get my nephews the coolest new shirts, they have a guitar on the front of the shirt and when the kids play the guitar it makes music. So i found their sizes and jumped in line. From there I waited and waited and waited finally it was my turn. I reached into my purse and noticed my "make up" bag was gone. I retraced all my steps and tore my car apart looking for it. But it was gone. While retracing my steps, Looking at everyone i passes with a scowl instead of a smile everyone i passes now became a suspect to me. It was a horrible feeling and only now am I writing about it, not because i can laugh about it but because I can think about it without my stomach turning into knots.

   Moral to the story, even though it's Christmas doesn't mean the thieves and pick pockets are taking a break. whoever walked away with my make up bag should have a merry and stoned Christmas. Here are some safety  tips i found that will hopefully make your Christmas safer.

  • Dress casually and comfortably.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry. (Mom, Marilyn, Carol, Bonnie... Good Luck lol.)
  • Do not carry a purse or wallet, if possible.
  • Always carry your driver's license or identification along with necessary cash, checks and/or a credit card you expect to use.
  • Even though you are rushed and thinking about a thousand things, stay alert to your surroundings.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Pay for purchases with a check or credit card when possible.
  • Keep cash in your front pocket.
  • Notify the credit card issuer immediately if your credit card is lost, stolen or misused.
  • Keep a record of all of your credit card numbers in a safe place at home.
  • Be extra careful if you do carry a wallet or purse. They are the prime targets of criminals in crowded shopping areas, transportation terminals, bus stops, on buses and other rapid transit.
  • Avoid overloading yourself with packages. It is important to have clear visibility and freedom of motion to avoid mishaps.Check the backseat of your car before you enter.
  • Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason. At this time of year, con-artists may try various methods of distracting you with the intention of taking your money or belongings.

I wrote this blog so everyone has a safe and happy holiday not for anyone to feel bad for me. S*it happens and this is one of those times.

Yes Mom, it was my fault some how and I know I'm to blame.

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