Tuesday, 22 November 2011



    I have one of the best Uncles, My Uncle Dave is by far my FAVORITE uncle. He has always listened to me to bitch about one thing or the other before quietly sneaking out of the room or answering a "phone call" that no one else in the room heard. When I first moved to Windsor the Woodrich family would always invite me over for dinner no matter what day of the week it was. Seeing as i was going to school and living on my own every meal that was cooked for me and free was amazing! Not to mention I have had some of the best meals of my life at their house such as crab legs, lobster bisque, the best BBQ sauce ever and so on. MMMmmMM Hungry thinking about it. When it was time for me to leave these family dinners (long after I had over stayed my welcome I'm sure) My uncle would always fill a very large popcorn bucket with left over food, granola bars, pastas, cookies and treats and lets not forget the all important... Toilet paper :) I don't think I ever bought toilet paper the whole time I lived in Windsor. My Uncle has always cheered  me, stood up for me and accepted me as his family, Even when he told me at the young age of 3(i think ) that he was going to marry my aunt and be my uncle. My response was "well until you get married I'm not going to call you my Uncle... oh dumb youth! and my big mouth. But I'm  thankful he is my uncle and one of my biggest supporters. .... Oh yeah back to my story...

   So I was speaking with my Uncle Dave the other night and we had a small debate over if it was going to snow before New Years. I say Yes. He says No. So we decided to put a small bet on it and once again my big mouth has got me into trouble because now I'm on the hook for $5.00. That's a lot of toilet paper.

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