Monday, 21 November 2011



   Every year my family makes the trip to Frankenmuth Michigan to go to Bronner's, the largest Christmas store in North America. While we are there we do some shopping and we stop to eat at Tony's I-75 restaurant that has been featured on diners drive-ins and dives, and for good reason. On today's blog we are just going to cover the lunch/breakfast portion of the trip.

   Last year when we all sat down for lunch at Tony's I decided that I wanted the turkey club MmmMm. Since my dad and Jim were also ordering the turkey club my mother decided  that i should share with someone because I don't eat much. So i was told that my Dad and Jim who were sharing a turkey club would also share with me. When the food came I was as excited as everyone else, there was ketchup, salt, hot sauce and napkins being passed around in a frenzy. I held my plate out and moved back and forth with all the food being passed around in hopes that someone would put some of there food on my plate. Somehow I'm still not sure how to this day... I ended up with nothing when I went to Jim for a piece of his sandwich, there was none left. When I turned to my Dad for some of his turkey club it was the same. nothing but a few pieces of bacon left (Witch of course I don't eat.) It was a long and hungry day for me last year. This year I made sure I got some of the Turkey Club and it was as good as i remembered three years ago.

This was the Turkey Club and Half was Mine :)

Dad with his Philly steak sandwich... So happy!

Mom with her SIDE order of bacon... 1 LB of Bacon!

Cassandra enjoying t he side of bacon

Dan's ... Bacon on bread sandwich?!?!?!

Our three boxes of leftover bacon!! Shocking!! 

So that was meal one of the day there is still a lot of story telling for just one day at Christmas town, so I think I'll break it up into different blogs... Stay tuned for the next event of the day from Christmas town and how I made a bet I'm a shoe in to win, and how an older gentleman made my 2 year old nephew cry!

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