Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thank God For Cheesecake!


   This isn't making it to my list of new things this year, but i thought i would share my stupidity with you. (Yes Aunt Marilyn someone else may need to read this to you.)

   So today Dan and I went to London to do a few things and visit a few people. We went to the doctors went to see a friends newborn baby had dinner with my mom and dad and spent some time with my nephew Max who is getting smarter and cuter by the day.

   Dan and I enjoyed some pasta with my family as per Max's request of  "Noni I want pasta and cake and I want to go for a swim. Well 2 out of three ant bad." We talked and visited and then Dan wasn't feeling so well so we decided it was time to head home. We started with me driving but pulled over at the Woodstock rest stop to get a coffee. Well that was an ordeal in itself. The conversation with me and the Tim Horton's lady went something like this...
"Do you have anything that tastes like pumpkin?"
"What kind of warm smoothies do you have?"
None, It's not time for warm smoothies yet.
"This morning I had a vanilla spice flavor shot in my coffee can I get that?"
Nope don't have that either.
"Oh there's a sign for warm apple cider I'll have that."
All out!
I should have taken this as a sign from above but I didn't and finally settled on a french vanilla cappuccino, and Dan had his usual coffee.
While leaving the rest stop Dan thought he might feel better if he drove so i jumped into the passenger seat with my cappuccino and relaxed.
I sipped on my lovely drink thinking that it wasn't too bad for being my 5th or so choice.
 We were entering Bradford about 20- 30 Min's from the rest stop and Dan and I chatted about our day and what he thought the dogs should be for Halloween, shockingly I was starting to get a migraine so i broke a Tylenol in half and placed the tiny pill in my mouth.
Reaching for my drink i took a small sip of cappuccino foam .... mMmMMmMMMM
I took  a bigger sip remembering a year ago when i didn't take a big enough sip and literally chocked on a Tylenol (yes it can happen and yes i was give the Heimlich... leave it to me to choke on something that small It's because of one of the surgeries I had.)
As I took a big gulp of my drink it hit me FUDGE IT WAS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spit it out all over the dash board the windshield my shirt my pants, there was french vanilla cappuccino everywhere.
Dan being him didn't even stop talking long enough to ask what was going on, so i politely told him...
"Shut up I'm dying!!!!"
When I told him what happened he suggested I put my tongue out the window, with that i gave him a look of "seriously what the hell?"
I looked around the car frantically for something to cool my tongue a bottle of water a can of pop anything. But there was no relief in sight, I thought about turning on the A/C and sticking my tongue to the vents, I yelled at Dan asking "WHY IS THERE NO ICE IN THIS CAR?". And then it hit me I was... Correction I AM  a genius.....

 That's right I started licking the window... Why? Because it was 14C out and the window was COOL!!!! And any one of you would have done the same.
I can only imagine what the people passing us were thinking seeing as they could see straight into our car because in my fit of rage to find ice I turned the interior light on. I didn't have a camera to take a picture of myself but I'm sure it looked something like this....

After a few moments the window didn't seem so cold anymore I had to come up with a better plan.
And this is where the cheery cheesecake came in. Mom's have that ability to just know. And my mother had sent me home with left over pasta and half a FROZEN CHEESECAKE, so yes I rested my tongue on the frozen cheesecake and sweet relief was had. Dan wasn't too happy that his piece was in the same container as mine and there wasn't anything but little pieces when we got home,  but he got over it.  And this is why  I'm thankful for cherry cheesecake.

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