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   Today’s blog is a little different, usually my blogs are light hearted and humorous.Today’s blog is the total opposite. I like to consider myself “blissfully ignorant”. I know who’s in office; I know about current affairs, I’m not ignorant… I’m blissfully ignorant. Meaning that I know what’s going on, but I don’t take too much time to really think about how much debt Canada is in at the moment, I don’t talk about politics, religious beliefs or the meaning of life. It’s not because I wasn’t brought up religious or believing in a higher power it’s not because I can’t form my own opinions it’s because everyone has their own beliefs and who am I to say being catholic is the  only way to go or that the Americans should not have re-elected Bush. hehe I know what’s going in the world but I don’t let it consume my life. An example is, I know where Beef comes from it’s a cow and Veal is from a cow calf, but when I’m eating a cheeseburger I don’t sit at the table and tell everyone about the inhumane way the animals were probably killed or how there’s theories out there about how cow farts are destroying the ozone layer. I shut up and blissfully ignorantly eat my cheeseburger.

   Today started out the same as every other day, woke up with migraine, brushed teeth and made coffee. As I sat half asleep in front of the TV a CNN news anchor talked about the tornado's in Texas and how unbelievable it was that so far no one has been reported seriously injured or killed. Up next after the commercial break was “a story that you won’t believe”. So I stayed glued to the TV to see if I would believe it, I’m quite gullible  sometimes, I’ll believe a lot.

  CNN was right, I couldn’t believe the story I was hearing. Here’s a link or two about the story.

   I love the part where they talk about Hitler being impressed with the program and asking for a “how to manual”. It’s just a small belief of mine; If Hitler was impressed with something you were doing… There’s a problem!

Seriously, What's wrong with you?

   I’m not saying I agree with this at all, on the other hand I’m also not totally against it. I don’t feel it’s right to sterilize someone because they are unemployed or come from a poor family. But working at the pawn shop we see a lot of different people from totally different walks of life. And I can say that some people should not be parents. Children’s aid society has taken away their kids and will take away any kids these “parents” have in the future. And that I agree with, some people should not be parents. On the other hand I went to school with girls who became pregnant at a young age, one of these girls went on to become a horrible mother, doing drugs and drinking all the time while her child is in the next room. She because so stoned/drunk one night that while she was having a party her son was crying in his crib. When she finally went to check on him, he had got his arm caught in the bars of his crib while he was trying to climb out; he fell and broke his arm. His “mother” put him back in his crib and let him cry. It wasn’t until the next morning when she had sobered up that she realized her son had broken his arm. These people should not be allowed to be parents.

   On the other hand I went to school with another girl who was pregnant when she was 15 and gave birth at 16. She turned out to be a wonderful mother. She gave up her social live and her freedom to raise her child. She went to school full time and worked a part time job to provide for her and her son. Her son is now in high school and he’s a great little guy. He’s a popular A+ student; he’s so polite and funny. He works hard in school and wants to become a Doctor. His mother finished high school and went on to becoming a Registered nurse and works in the neonatal intensive care unit. She and the father of her son got married a few years ago and they have a daughter who is around 3 now.  Two totally different outcomes.

   Anyways that is my small rant about how the government we put our trust in, the people who make our laws and regulations, are just as wrong and messed up as the next guy. And why I don’t follow politics. If I want to hear make believe stories from people who lie and are only out for themselves, I would watch keeping up with the Kardashians.

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