Friday, 4 May 2012



  I realized that I'm getting older, I'm not happy about it but I'm dealing with it the best I can. With age comes wisdom, I'm not that old that i can say I'm wise but I am old enough to learn that your mothers advice is usually right, and that the generations before you are there to help and guide you along the way.

   As I'm aging things that I have always been against are becoming something that I can't wait for. Having kids is something I have always said I don't want. But It's true there is a material clock and everyday it ticks louder and louder. Getting married has never been that important to me, I loved my sister's wedding it was gorgeous, fun and perfect but I felt let down the next day, like all that work just for one day. It didn't seem like something I wanted. I had decided on running off to Italy with close friends and family and getting married one day throughout the week. Whatever day everyone was tired of seeing tourist spots. I was never the little girl playing pretend in the backyard of what my wedding was going to be.

   But just like the baby thing, getting married and having a great wedding has become important to me. The more I look though wedding magazines and online sites the more I want and the more I want things my way on that day. The more excited I get for my bridal shower, not for the gifts but to see everyone and play actual fun games and just have a good time with all the women in my life who have supported me and cared for me though out the years. I get excited for my bachelorette party, not that I want to go out bar hopping with penis straws but to take off for a weekend with the women in my life, family friends aunts honorary aunts cousins, the women in my life who have helped me get to the alter, somewhere i never thought i would be.

   The more and more I think about my wedding the more I want to get married on New Years. A new years wedding is something my sister recommended, An idea I have fallen in love with. New Years is already a great party and my wedding can be all about the bling! My sister and I usually don't agree on too much and don't get along so well, we have a relationship more like Tom and Jerry then sisters. But once i mentioned my wedding to her she really stepped up. Giving me ideas and telling me she would go wedding dress shopping with me and to the designers and so on and so on because my mom is quite busy these days with the building of her house. (I'm not dissing my mom by any means).

  I know that I'm lucky and if i showed up in Windsor with a box of unassembled invitations and a case of wine, my wedding invitations would be ready to go out that Monday. The address might be a little slanted or messy as the night goes on and the wine disappears, but they would be done! I have great people in my life who I know are there for me and are all too happy to help getting me down the isle.

   The big question is... IS THERE ENOUGH TIME TO PLAN MY WEDDING BY NEW YEARS EVE? It has to be this new years, This new years is on on a Monday so it gives people the weekend off to travel in case of bad weather. It also makes my wedding feel like it`s on a long weekend.
I look forward to any and all advice. Thanks Ladies :)


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  1. i say go for it.There is lots of time and we are all here to help