Saturday, 6 August 2011

#51 I met Oprah!!!

Yes it`s true, yours truly had a sit down with Oprah. She was a little on the quite side so i did most of the talking and if you know me you know that`s not a problem at all.
we laughed and we did the Oprah hug (where she puts her hands in the air so she doesn't actually have to hug strange people) Even though I think she would have given me a real hug ;)

Ok so it wasn't the Oprah in the flesh but it was a good wax version of her. I was still just as excited as if it was the real thing. People walking though the wax museum came in to see if it really was Oprah seeing as i was yelling ``It`s Oprah look its really Oprah``. I was a little excited lol.
My cousin and his newly betrothed Missy came up for a few days and wanted to go to Niagara Falls so we did a few things while we were there one was the wax museum. Which i think was the most fun for all of us.

This is me handing Gandhi a power bar (that's Ashley always thinking of others ) :)

Me and Lucille ball, she had a spoon and was trying to feed me something out of a medicine bottle, didn`t know what it was but heck why not :)
Today Lucille Ball would have been 100 years old so Happy Birthday to the funniest lady (other then my mother when shes trying not to be).

         HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY LUCY
                                                                 Rest in laughter

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