Tuesday, 30 August 2011


As some of you man know many of my family members are taking a trip to the greatest city in the world NYC! For reasons beyond my control (My mother) i was not able to go on this trip to New York City where dreams come true and movie stars walk down the streets with you where the rockettes dance and sing at Christmas time, radio city music hall, where one of the biggest decorated Christmas trees are on display in during the holiday months where knock off purses and watches are sold right there on the streets. Where many of our favorite shows were took place, where we would be without Friends, Will and Grace, Seinfeld, how I met your mother and King of Queens. Also the shows and movies that were actually shot on location in New York City such as  The Cosby show, Nurse Jackie, sex in the city and Saturday night live, home alone 2, Arthur and date night.

Thinking about all the great TV shows and movies that were shot on the streets that my family is about to walk down is just mind blasting to me. I guess this is what other people talk about when they are in Rome and they walk on the streets Jesus walked down.

So needless to say i was a little sad about not going, but when i get sad... i stop being sad and get awesome :)
So i went on my own movie tour, and not just any movie tour MY personal favorite movie. Some may argue the best movie ever made.

That's right Disney's THE SANTA CLAUSE staring TIM ALLEN.
I first went to see this movie with my sister and my parents in Michigan, It was a great movie for me as I am a Christmas freak!!!!! 
So when i found out The Santa clause was actually filmed here in Oakville Ontario, I went on my own movie tour wearing my "I believe in Santa" t-shirt in the middle of August. Yes i got some looks and a few stares but i just said ... Yes i believe smiled and kept taking my pictures. lol.
I felt like i should have been wearing a tinfoil hat.
But none the less it made me feel a little better about missing out on a great trip.

This is Tim Allen walking down main street of Oakville. And below is me walking down the same street. Walking in Santa's foot steps yep that's right yours truly walking in Santa's footsteps.

The street has changed a little and it looks different from the middle of summer to what looks like the fall In the actual picture.

This is main street around Christmas time ... beautiful. in the right hand corner you will notice the butcher shop, and its still there to this day. Though the owner has changed the look of the building and the signs.

This picture is of Scott Calvin (Santa Clause) driving on his way home from work to meet his son Charlie. He was actually driving down main street of Oakville past this store Swiss Interiors.

AND.... here's me standing in front of Swiss Interiors :)

And last but not least the Calvin house. The house where his wife and son lived the house that looks so beautiful and magical in the movie, The perfect Christmas house.

In the movie the house was grey and so nice looking, It's located in a neighbourhood with multi million dollar houses. So we felt a little out of place driving through these neighbourhoods over and over again looking for the grey house. Then we found it, now it's blue and looks... not so nice....

It started to rain now so its not the best pic but it was still the house that the Calvin's lived in so i was excited :)

So that's it that was my great movie tour. Hope everyone in NY has a good time and remembers to bring me back great things :)
Safe traveling.


  1. Nice post, however NY is a free place. Don't be blaming your mother.

  2. We will go back together with Auntie Marilyn and Alex and your Mom after they are done with the house.Girls trip.

  3. A girls trip sounds great to me thanks Bonnie :)