Friday, 12 August 2011

What Makes You Happy?

First I must thank you all for your support of my blog. It really means a lot that i got 104 hits in the last 48 hours. All my viewers are from North America other then one from Asia so thank you to all :)

Since I am fighting the war on TMJ i haven't been able to get out and try anything new this week, so I'm going to talk about what makes the people in my life happy.

It may be getting your hands on a glass of your favorite wine :)

Or a SEVERAL glasses of your favorite wine.

Spending time with an old friend.

A pretty bouquet of balloons ... Yes that is my father holding pink balloons that read "fifty and fabulous". I bet he is regretting letting me take that pic of him right about now :)

For me it's knowing that even on my worst day when I'm feeling down or it takes me several minutes to get into my skinny jeans...

i know that standing next to this guy will ALWAYS make me look good. (The heaviest man weighing in at 1400lbs)

Something else that makes me happy ... watching Modern Family, just discovered this show and am actually laughing out loud too friggen funny wish i was a writer on that show.

#49 Will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned :)
Love Ashley

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