Thursday, 4 August 2011

First Blog

Hello People,

   Welcome to my blog, i will let you in on what my blog is going to be about in a moment but first things my blog will not be about...
It will NOT be about how Sigmund Freud may or  may not be correct when saying my mother has messed me up.
It will NOT be heartfelt and mushy and about the love of my life and how blissfully happy we are.
It will NOT have anything to do with sex, sex in the city, or any male bashing ... well maybe a little male bashing.

But mostly it will be about the 52 new things i do this year. Seeing as i have TMJ its going to be a small challenge to get in 52 new things this year but I'm determined to do it and have you follow me. :)
Thank you to the ladies in Windsor i already have number 52 knocked off my list (working backwards).
Please feel free to comment as much as you like :) Look forward to hearing from all of you. (as of right now i have one lonely follower).


  1. Hey it was your aunts 50th birthday FYI

  2. WHY WOULD YOU CORRECT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!If I'm 40 you would only be 48.......go with it lol