Friday, 5 August 2011


While in Windsor a few weeks ago to see my aunt for her 40th birthday and to support the dragon boat races who were doing a fundraiser for breast cancer... #52 was knocked off my list.
After a few pina colada  a Cesar a rum and coke or two and one huge spiked lemon aid I noticed no one was on the dance floor. Poor Suzie who is the lead singer for the band Nemesis was singing a great rendition of Tina Turner's rolling on the river. As she was singing she was instructing people how to do the Tina Turner rolling on the river dance.... Sadly no one was dancing. So after another drink my mind thought it would be a great idea to get up on the dance floor and help Suzie out by dancing.  I rolled on the river while drinking my Cesar and danced my ass off till i looked around and noticed.....
Whats that saying "dance as if no one is watching" B.S. They were all watching and I'm sure there was some laughter too lol.

That's not where the night ended for me, even though it probably should have. So after my leap of faith on to the dance floor, i pondered what i could do next seeing as they had called last call and i only had two drinks left in front of me, i put my mind to work.
And soon i came up with it .....
I Ashley Frescura, wanted to sing on stage. No idea how this thought came to be but it did. As i blurted this idea out to the people at my table Jenna was overly excited and thought it was a great idea, so i convinced her to go on stage with me Jenna being the sweetheart that she is agreed and walked to the stage with me. We got to the foot of the stage and stood looking up at the stairs, to me there looked like there was a whole lot of stairs but I'm pretty sure that had something to do with the massive amount of alcohol going though my body.
But none the less we were standing there, Jenna grabbed my hand and up the stairs we started i could hear the blood rushing though my head and pulsing in my ears Thump Thump Thump, "stay calm Jenna's with you just don't fall on stage like those models we make fun of." The moment was here we reached the top step, and before i knew if i could go though with it JENNA pushed me from behind and before i knew it i stumbled right to the middle of the stage where the band kept playing but stared at me as if asking "who the hell are you? damn Charity events with no security."
But my saving grace Suzie waived me over and held onto me tight (probably so i wouldn't fall or run off stage) but we sang together, mind you all i remember is singing Ba ba ba ba .... still not sure if that song had those words in it, but that's what came out of my mouth. and before i knew it, it was over though i felt as if there was another song i would have really come out of my shell (providing i knew the words more then bababa). When i was walking off stage something new went though my mind "Your a rock star now don't worry even if you fall they will cheer for you,"
So i returned to our table where my hands were shaking and my knees were knocking, giving Jenna a hard time for pushing me and running, but i was on a total high. I felt like a make a wish foundation kid without having to be sick. It was so much fun that it had to be Number 52 on my list.

Thank you to everyone who helped make #52 come to life. :)
And for the celebratory dinner of chinese after the show. 

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